Catering to Automotive, Aerospace & Industrial Manufacturing industries since 1957.

Our model is sourcing, service & supply.

Consolidate freight, reduce overages & increase efficiency with our Vendor Managed Inventory services.

With access to hundreds of brands, over 800,000 active SKU's, 23,000 sqft distribution facility and a 6300 sqft manufacturing facility located in Toronto Ontario we're a modular supply partner.

Without question, the key to a successful production begins with having what you need when you need it. It is the foundation of our business and today we are brining what we have learned directly to the production of our customers.

As partners with you, we are always enhancing and improving the strategies & tools to make your production more efficient and cost effective.

Including the likes of:

  • Dedicated VMI Team
  • Dedicated Sourcing Specialist Team
  • Automated Inventory Distribution (Technologies)
  • Vendor-Managed Inventory
  • Point-of-Use
  • Kan Ban Systems
  • Storage Solutions & Inventory Controls
  • Just-in-time Delivery

Richter can work with your production team to design the most cost effective approach to procurement. Then it is your choice how involved you wish to be in managing the program. Karl W Richter Ltd can handle your program all inclusive, via consignment or provide utilities to aid your staff to handle the programs themselves, while still allowing simple EDI interfaces to our order processing.

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European descent since 1957.

When you partner with Richter you're investing in a business with over 60 years of industrial supply experience.

Choosing Richter as your supply partner you gain access not only to the big box stores but a nimble partner capable of sourcing low & high volume custom parts or manufactured goods. Our exceptional ability to source, develop and supply customers with application specific and engineered products sets us apart from the competition.

Our exceptional ability to source is our strength which sets us apart from the competition.

By working with Richter you're not only choosing experience you're choosing a Partner.

We look forward to working with you!

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Automated Inventory Solutions

Richter Supply Drawer


SmartDrawer® is a flexible drawer-based storage system designed to dispense single items (or multiple items of a single SKU) under locked "smart" compartments with SecureBin™ technology, a patented managed locking bin system. SmartDrawer can be a stand-alone unit or combined with other SupplyPro devices for a tailored dispensing solution. SmartDrawer technology is extremely versatile and configurable.


  • Patented compartment level control with pick-to-light technology. LED's blink to show the location of the product.


  • Access products through the easy-to-use touch screen interface or select items directly using the integrated take and return buttons
  • Individual lid control according to usage requirements, such as whether the item is returnable or not, loan periods for check-in/check-out, automated lock-down, employee access, etc.
  • Full usage audit trails – see item, who used it and where it was used
  • High capacity storage in a small footprint
  • No repackaging
  • Secure Bin™ technology provides a patented bin management system

**due to the "U" shape design of the max density cover, the useable space is .78" x 1.01"

  • Standard Cabinets:
    • 6-Drawer
    • 7-Drawer
    • 8-Drawer
    • 10-Drawer

    Custom cabinet and drawer configurations available

  • Drawer-based manual override in the event of a power outage



  • SupplyScale® weight-based dispensing systems
  • Skid pad top
  • Fork lift base
  • Movable casters
  • Single Box Dispenser (SBD II) cartridges support multiple inserts

Choose the lid configuration that meets your needs.
Design your own cabinet for maximum flexibility.

2 Lid
2 Lid
Standard Density

10.83" W x 20.8" H
4 Lid
4 Lid
Standard Density

10.83" W x 9.50" H
8 Lid
8 Lid
Standard Density

4.96" W x 9.50" H
12 Lid
12 Lid
Standard Density

10.8" W x 2.21" H
16 Lid
16 Lid
High Density

4.96" W x 4.02" H
24 Lid
24 Lid
High Density

4.96" W x 2.21" H
24 Long Lid
24 Long Lid**
Max Density

7.48" L x 1.12" D x 1.01" H
36 Lid
36 Lid**
Max Density

24: 3.65" L x 1.12" D x 1.01" H
12: 7.48" L x 1.12" D x 1.01" H
48 Lid
48 Lid**
Max Density

3.65" L x 1.12" D x 1.01" H
128 Compartments
128 Compartments**
High Density SBD II

2.36" W x 4.48" H x 0.88" D

Richter Supply Agent


SupplyAgent® is the easiest transition from "free" dispense and provides the minimal level of control to a wide range of materials and supplies. Easy-to-use and manage, SupplyAgent stores a high volume of materials in a small footprint.


  • High-density door-level control



  • User-reconfigurable design
  • Adjustable shelves to manage between 1 and 24 SKUs per door
  • Integrated touch screen controller and keyboard
  • Rapid access drawer for specialized storage
  • Door-based manual override in the event of a power outage


  • Easy to reconfigure
  • 24/7 secured access
  • Easy to add on auxiliary units
  • Optimized for rapid refill–exclusive to SupplyPro; makes restocking and administration simple and fast
  • Choose bin configurations for maximum flexibility



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) • Specialized Clothing
General Supplies • Abrasives and Sealants • Cleaning Supplies
Paint Shop Supplies • Office Supplies • Maintenance Items
Electrical (Consumables) • Hand Tools • Welding Supplies
Lab and Research Materials • And many more!


  • 7 or 8 door configurations
  • 3 adjustable shelves per door
  • 8 configurable bin locations per shelf
  • Integrated shelf take and return buttons
  • Rapid access drawer and embedded keyboard
  • Includes a variety of see-through storage bin sizes



  • Storage bin options

Richter Supply Bay


SupplyBay™ is engineered for harsh industrial environments to deliver reliable, high-volume dispenses. SupplyBay 5 is the next generation of the top-rated SupplyBay™ system. SupplyBay 5 includes state-of-the-art electronics, enhanced admin control, and better user functionality, including an integrated touchscreen. If you have an older generation SupplyBay, upgrade options are available to take advantage of all the latest features. Our streamlined upgrade process will minimize downtime. Protect your SupplyBay investment and upgrade now.



  • Most flexible and reconfigurable absolute control


  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Backlit, swivel keypad for enhanced administration control and easy user interaction
  • Rapid refill that reduces stocking time by as much as 50%
  • Single button restock
  • Remote diagnostics for streamlined service and support and reduced on-site computing needs
  • Seamless interoperability with other SupplyPro devices
  • One-year warranty



  • Remote diagnostics capability
  • Absolute control — users cannot access products that are not individually identified and accounted for



helix sizes available
dispense aids to accomodate diverse products
SKUs the standard machine can store



  • Cutting Tools
  • Welding Supplies
  • Safety Supplies
  • Gloves
  • Batteries
  • Tape
  • Flashlights
  • Adhesives / Sealants
  • Abrasives
  • Maintenance Items
  • Shop Supplies
  • Office Supplies
  • Hand Tools


  • Maximum 70 SKUs, average 35 SKUs
  • Average capacity = 324 – 400 pieces
  • Maximum weight per tray = 100 lbs
  • Industrial grade: reinforced steel cabinet
  • Clear Lexan® door or solid steel door
  • Wrap-around LED lighting
  • Interoperability with other SupplyPro devices
  • Key-based manual override in the event of a power outage



  • SupplyBay comes with various Helix types and dispense aids to meet your custom dispensing needs

Richter Supply Locker


SupplyLocker™ is the industrial solution to manage consumable and returnable tools, supplies and other assets. Its custom design lets you configure each system to meet your facility requirements.


  • Product-level control for consumable and returnable materials


  • Access products through the easy-to-use on-screen interface
  • Individual door control according to usage requirements, such as whether the item is returnable or not, loan periods for check-in/check-out, automated lock-down, employee access, etc.
  • Full usage audit trails — see item, who used it and where it was used
  • High capacity storage in a small footprint


  • Mix and match door sizes for a custom solution
  • Available with SupplyLink™ as a stand-alone main unit or auxiliary
  • Standard LED lighting is 4x the lumens of competitive products
  • Optional features include panel knock-outs to allow for charging inside the door
  • Control assets that need calibration or inspection
  • Monitor calibration status and lock down tools by either number of uses, number of days, due date, or any combination thereof
  • Automated alert notification when a warranty date is reached
  • Users can lock-down tools that are not reusable and a notification is sent to management for repair
  • A full audit history by asset and user


Laptops • Abrasives • Adhesives • Sealants • Gauges
Maintenance Supplies (MRO) • Welding Supplies
Calibrated Instruments and Tools • Rechargeable Items
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) • Security Items
Meters • Instrumentation Devices • And many more!


  • Knock-out panel to allow power/network access behind locked door. Ideal for laptops, radios, detectors, tools, etc.
  • Solid door panel options

Specifications & Various Setup Options

Model SL3-1M

Inner: 17.9" W x 17.2" H x 19" D
Opening: 15.48" W x 15.65" H

2-Door Vertical
Model SL3-2MV

Inner: 8.5" W x 17.9" H x 19" D
Opening: 7.01" W x 15.48" H

2-Door Horizontal
Model SL3-2MH

Inner: 17.9" W x 8.5" H x 19" D
Opening: 15.48" W x 7.01" H

Model SL3-4M

Inner: 8.8" W x 8.5" H x 19" D
Opening: 6.42" W x 7.01" H

Model SL3-6M

Inner: 5.8" W x 8.5" H x 19" D
Opening: 3.44" W x 7.01" H

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