Traditional Dispensing

Free Issue & Tool Crib

In many cases a simple free issue style open inventory system is still the most suitable solution. Anything from a wide-open free issue or an attended tool crib, RICHTER can help design an effective and efficient system, that can be managed with any level of control or traceability you desire require.

Kan Ban & Par Systems

Kan ban and Par are more sophisticated methods of managing open style inventory programs. A two-bin system is an effective way to bring parts to production and although it does always offer the most cost beneficial platform, it does deliver a competent solution for many production environments. The par system, which is a RICHTER developed inventory solution is a VMI partnership that offers the best available package in open style inventory systems.

Weighted Bin Systems

For an open bin system with automated stock management, please ask us about our weighted bin systems. This technology communicates in real time with RICHTER and guarantees critical supply items are always at your fingertips.

Kitting & Sub Assembly Services

  • One of our longest standing specialty services is kitting. We can deliver to your job the exact quantity of any part on your bill of material. This is an ideal point-of-use concept that will reduce redundant inventories to almost nil. Additionally it saves all material managing costs for your business, as we handle all of those at our facility. It is a service we have become very efficient with and therefore take a great deal of costs out of the overall supply chain.
  • Whether we are simply bagging parts, or building sub-assemblies to your drawings, you can choose an array of labeling and packaging options. In many applications, we recommend a reusable packaging, which is not only cost saving, but also respectful to the environment.

Custom labeling

We can custom package and label your kits, assemblies or individual parts any way you choose. This is an attractive value added-service for situations where you may wish to include spare parts or kits to accompany your finished goods. Or perhaps you wish to supply your customers with personalized parts, without the cost of repackaging and labeling.

Outbounding & Off-site Warehousing

For many manufacturing businesses, receiving material components and supplies is a critical electronic function to release assemblies to production. It was apparent to us that many associated costs to this reality, such as couriers, warehousing, administration & material management could be avoided for our clients if we warehoused the material until your production really needed it. There are several custom ways we manage this value-added option for your production. Call and see what we can do to tailor a solution to fit you best.

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