Facility & Length of course

  • 16 Hours (2 Day)
  • Hosted at Karl W. Richter Ltd's training room (350 Middlefield road)

Course Outline

This is a 2 day program that looks closely at the fundamentals and theories of construction, rigging, paying emphasis to the telecommunication industry.

  • Hoisting and Rigging Hazards
  • Properties of Fiber Rope (classifications, inspection, use and storage)
  • Knots and Hitches (figure 8, bowline, double bowline and square or reef knots
  • clove hitch, pipe hitch- students will receive a practical examination on this program element),
  • Wire Rope Slings (sling use, configuration, sling angle, inspection)
  • Common Rigging Hardware for Hoisting (shackles, hooks and blocks)
  • Mechanical Advantage
  • Winches & Hoists (capstan & deck mounted hoists)
  • Gin Pole Use & Loading
  • This course has several written rigging exams and reviews
  • Upon completion, successful students will be presented a Certificate and Laminated wallet card

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