Facility & Length of course

  • 4 Hour Day / 8 Hour Day
  • Hosted at Karl W. Richter Ltd's training room (350 Middlefield road)

Course Outline


  • This is a 4 hour program that identifies what a confines space is, the significant risks involved and the control measures needed to provide a safe workplace.
  • The program identifies relevant legislation and an in-depth review of atmospheric and physical hazards.
  • The need for a confined space program which discuss identifying and inventory of known spaces, training, policy and entry, occupancy and exit procedures are discussed.
  • Controls measures such as atmospheric testing and monitoring, communication, tendering workers, fall protections and emergency response plans are identified.
  • This program provides an over view of the hazards and what is required, it does not involve practical exercised where testing and entry are practiced.


  • Full day program which includes practical hands on training
  • operation of testing equipment,
  • use of a tri-pod rescue devices
  • donning of harnesses

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