Outbounding & Off-Site Warehousing

Off Site Warehousing

Partnering with Richter on an Offsite Warehouse and Out-bounding program offers our clients further savings on their cost of procurement.

Typically the cost for manufacturers to store their own materials off-site is extremely high. In addition to rent or storage fees, rising electricity and gas prices, transportation time and labor, the costs can easily get out of hand.

As a solution Richter offers full off-site warehousing for supplied items, using outbound requests that can be received via email or EDI Bridge directly from your operating software.

And there are no additional freight charges or warehousing fees for our contract clients.

Contact us today to find out how this program can ensure your materials, kits, and sub-assemblies are delivered just-in-time to your shop floor, when and where they are needed.

Automated Distribution Ideas

New to the automated distribution game?

The following machines are what we offer / recommend to customers using our kitting services. Don't forget you can lease, own or consign these machines.

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