Custom packaged inventory tailored to your production needs.

Why kitting is useful?

Kitting is useful to manufacturers or businesses assembling components who require high quality tolerances and inventory accuracy. Our kitting program boasts a reoccurring accuracy report annually of 99.99%.

We custom build your teams required components individually sealing each product and labeling them with the information required for your job / assembly bay.

Speed up production & know the right parts, the right quantities and engineered specific parts are being delivered to uphold your level of quality and expectations.

Everyone does kits, why choose us?

Kitting is a standard in our industry, what makes our offering unique is our added ability to source engineered specific parts, custom manufactured parts and our ability to acquire singles and small order parts integrating them into your program at efficient costs.

Privately owned & operated we're also more nimble and flexible with our stocking agreements working with our clients on a personal and individual level. We alike many are also globally responsive with supply & distribution facilities in the United States of America & Shanghai China.

Warehouse Technologies

Our barcodes are 2D, why does that matter?

We utilize 2D barcodes, why is that important? In industrial applications often barcode labels deteriorate, wear down. Using these barcodes we can go smaller and increase our scanning accuracy, time spend scanning and offer you our customers a cleaner professional grade logo with larger part information & smaller scanning details.

Quality Control & Non Conformance

Coming soon.

BlueDOT & live field data transmissions

No Clipboards or Pens Required!

Blue Dot is an enterprise software solution that allows Richter’s mobile field service team to deliver vendor managed inventory programs to our customers using handheld scanners.

Specifically, Blue Dot helps increase the productivity and efficiency of our remote workers by allowing them to collect data for replenishment, transfer order requirements and manage all levels of expediting via an EDI portal directly from your production floor.

In addition to increasing the productivity and efficiency of our VMI Field Agents, your staff can also access this user-friendly technology when preferred.

Leverage our mobile solutions to simultaneously drive down both freight costs and materials management expenses.

Richter uses Blue Dot and other technology innovations to deliver highest level of customer satisfaction and return on investment possible for each and every project we take on.

Automated Distribution Ideas

New to the automated distribution game?

The following machines are what we offer / recommend to customers using our kitting services. Don't forget you can lease, own or consign these machines.

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