A program where you pay for what you use, when you use it.

How consignment works.

If your goal is to reduce inventory value, while increasing productivity a consigned inventory program as part of your Richter VMI Program is a great option. Many of our clients enjoy the security of having consigned inventory on hand which frees up capital for other projects. Both our Open Bin System and Automated Dispensing programs are eligible for consignment inventory where supported by usage.

Consigned programs can be based on an agreed upon PAR Value with a Min/Max stock quantity, or they can be handled through warehouse transfers and be billed upon consumption. Unlike most systems having consigned stock on hand supported by Richter’s’ enterprise software to manage the details, provides peace of mind, and reduces freight and other rush procurement costs.

As with our non-consigned VMI programs, the Richter team helps ensure you avoid critical stock outs by ensuring the correct product is available, in the required quantity, when and where you need it.

We manage all the inventory details.

Kitting is a standard in our industry, what makes our offering unique is our added ability to source engineered specific parts, custom manufactured parts and our ability to acquire singles and small order parts integrating them into your program at efficient costs.

Privately owned & operated we're also more nimble and flexible with our stocking agreements working with our clients on a personal and individual level. We alike many are also globally responsive with supply & distribution facilities in the United States of America & Shanghai China.

Distribution & Warehousing

Full automation, partial automation or bin managed systems.

Richter offers our clients fully customizable inventory management solutions.  From access controlled Supply Bays, Lockers and Vending machines, supported by integrated software to provide you with the visibility and reporting you need to stay on top of your inventory consumption and spend.

Or choose a centralized inventory or point of use open bin system, to allow your production or assembly team the versatility of getting the parts they need when they need them.   All the while Richter’s VMI team ensures you’re well stocked to avoid delays or downtime.

At Richter we use 2D barcode technology on our VMI programs, so we can generate smaller labels, or allow for more label space for critical details, a logo, part descriptions or even a product image.  With 2D barcodes our scanning accuracy and speed is increased, so we spend less time scanning and more time making sure you have everything you need to keep your shop running smoothly.

Automated Distribution Ideas

New to the automated distribution game?

The following machines are what we offer / recommend to customers using our kitting services. Don't forget you can lease, own or consign these machines.

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